Innocent cat was sniffing 2 toy cars and suddenly... an unicorn 🦄 TRANSFORMER!

Amazing cat GIF • Ooh! Excellent transformer unicorn toy, I wasn’t expecting THAT! []
“Jude nailing it with the topical present for Willow.” 🦄
“Ooh! Excellent toy, I wasn’t expecting THAT!” 🙀
“The transforming toy comes with 2 cars, and that's it. When your cat push the pink car into the back of the white car, they instantly transform into a unicorn using one car for the front of the unicorn, and another car for the back of the unicorn. The transformation from cars to unicorn happens so quickly and awesomely, that you kind of need to see it in slow motion to see what's actually happening! ”
“These magnetic cars automatically transform into a Unicorn when connected are amazing!”
[Video @katebeckinsale]