Loving πŸ’ž Calico kitty: “Don't be sad Mom, don't cry, I'm with you and I love πŸ’“ you...”

Cute Kitten GIF • Loving Calico Kitty comforts her sad human Mom. Unconditional love [ok-cats.com]
Awwdorable Calico kitten πŸ’•, loving kitty. Calico's (always female) are very loving cats.
“When we lost our Mom, I was crying aloud on bed with head down so much. My little Calico kitten came and gave me a kiss πŸ’‹ on cheek...”
“That is so cute, she is trying to comfort her human Mom, she knows that she's sad 😞. Precious affectionate kitty.” 🐱 🐾 🐾
“We are so lucky to have pets like that kitty because at times we really need them, but at times they can be naughty, just remember they bring so much unconditional love. We love πŸ’œ you sweet kitties!”
“Sometimes I believe our pets can get the ache out of our heart ❤️ better than our human friends or relatives!”
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