Is your cat as 'clingy' as this one? 💕

Cute Cat GIF • Is your cat as 'clingy' as this one? Oh my god, overdosed on tenderness []
Oh my god, overdosed on tenderness 💛
“That awkward moment when you realize that your kitty loves you more than your husband does.”
“It's not possible for a cat to be too clingy; it's just LOVE.” 💓💓💓
“That is the most sweet beautiful cat I have ever seen. He loves you so much. I wish I had such a wonderful cat.”
“Yep, my cat is very clingy. She loves being held like a baby and giving kisses like there is no tomorrow... She just want to give so much love & affection.”
“Yes and I have two who are clingy but the love of a cat for me is the best love ever!” 💓
“How I wish I hve such a cat, it s too lovely,attached and fluffy” 😻
“That fur baby loves his Hooman so much. So sweet” ❤️ 😊
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