Mission impossible! “I can do it... I can do it... OK, I can't!” 😾

Crazy Cat GIF • Strong cat uses the last part of his hind paws to change his mind and climbs back up! [ok-cats.com
Crazy cat vs. gravity. Isaac Newton be like: 'What?'👀
“Cats 🐈 don’t give a damn about gravity.”
“Mission Impawssible: abort ! abort!” 🙀
“Gosh my heart! It was clearly a suicide!”  👧
“Strong legs, strong abs, great acrobat!”  💪
“I like it on its way down the wall and it uses the last part of it hind paws to change its mind and climb back up!” 😓
“He was like ... YEP... NOPE!!!” 😆
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