Fearful cat and Savannah cat: “Kitty, calm down, don't be afraid, I'm your peaceful BiG brother...” 😻

Amazing cat GIF •  'Savannah' is a domestic cat mixed with a Serval. They are like any other house cat, except taller [ok-cats.com]
   Absolutely lovely FELINE friendship. Soft touchy-touchy πŸ’•
  “At the beginning, the white kitty looks scared, as evidenced by his flat ears, and therefore becomes aggressive toward the big feline but the Savannah cat shows in a dignified and elegant manner that its aggressive behavior is unfounded. Calmly, he puts his paw on the white cat’s chest, as if to say “Relax buddy! I’m cool”. And it worked! The domestic cat seems to have calmed down.” πŸ‘
  “Savannah' cat is not a 'wild' animal, It's just a domestic cat mixed with a 'Serval'. They are expen$ive but the only 2 I've had the pleasure of meeting where like any other house cat. Except taller and impressive et first sight.” 😊
  “That BIG cat has probably diamonds for cat litter, haha. These people have far too much money.” 😁
  “But why the white cat has his tail shaved?” πŸ‘§
  “The white kitty has been groomed into a 'Lion cut' - trimmed or shaved down on the body with the head (mane), lower legs and end of tail remain longer, so the silhouette looks like a lion. Common for long haired cats during warm months or if they have matting.”
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