Aww, Mama cat is a purrfect Nanny for cute chicks 🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤

Amazing cat GIF • So cute animals and pets, peace and love. Maternal instinct is strong than breeds []
  “A child always knows who their parent is and who their caregiver is, and they can have healthy attachments simultaneously with both of them.”
   “And, in fact, being able to form a secure attachment to a nanny can be read as a sign of how closely attached your child is to you.“
  “Those 2 chickens are amazingly calm and confident!” 👀
  “This Nanny is undergoing intense scrutiny.“
  “So cute animals and pets: peace and interspecies love.“ 🐔🐈🐤
  “Maternal instinct is stronger than breeds...” 💗
  “Behind every same family is a spectacular nanny.”
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