Dear human, you're adopted, I love you 💕 and now, you belong to me! 😻

Cute Kitten GIF • Loving feral kitty jumped inside car trough the car door window and adopted the driver []
“That's basically how I got my cat, love that mofo.” 👍
“My condolence on your recent enslavement, haha. May your new master gentle and forgiving.”
“Happened to me once. Was walking a few km from my house when a cat started walking with me and my friends. Friendly cat, sweet, we petted her and though OK Bye Bye. But no, she kept following us all the way, was about half an hour away from my house. Right up to the front door. She had no name tag or anything so we decided to keep her.” 💞
“Feral cat bring luck when they're affectionate.”
Adopt, don't shop.” 😍😻
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