Foster kitten 'Ozzie' is nicknamed 'Squeaks' for a reason! 😍

Cute Cat GIF • Black and white kitty is so happy, squeaking with excitement whenever her human comes into the room []
“I have been fostering this kitten since she was born and she always squeaks with excitement whenever I come into the room after not seeing her for a while. It was the cutest, sweetest thing  💕 so I started calling her 'Squeaks.' Now that she's bigger, she likes to climb up on this shelf by the front door and, when I get home at night, I sometimes get greeted with big squeaks like this. This night in particular she was doing squeaks and little head tilts like she was about to flip over. It was so cute and sweet.
“The good news about Squeaks: she and her sister Eddie are being adopted by a lovely couple in west Japan and they will be going to their forever home very soon!”
  “She's so happy to have her friend join her when shes in such a fun space!” 😍😻
  “This beauty is cute, affectionate and so adorable: cuteness unbeatable.” 💓
  “What the sweetest inquisitive baby.”
[Video: ViralHog@YouTube]
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