Cats fit everywhere and anywhere because cats are liquid and... boneless! ðŸĶīðŸĶī

Funny Cat GIF • Thanks Mom for my new bed, it's a purrfect and comfy bowl []
  Human *brings home, super soft and expensive cat-beds* but *decides to sleep in a salad bowl* Haha that's... *CAT LOGiC!* ðŸ˜đ
  “Sorry Mom for your salad, but when it's nap time, it's nap time!” ðŸ’ĪðŸ’Ī
  “I love those bowls, proof that we have so many ways to use them.” 😍
  “Give me a sec, Mom, I will just use a little cat-physics and make me liquid. You will see".
  “I always say with cats: 'If it fits, I sleeps even if it takes a while for me too fits'ðŸ˜ļ
  “Thanks mom for my new bed, it's purrfect and comfy.” ðŸ˜đ
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