/!\ Breaking News /!\ An innocent bell pepper has been violently mauled by a gluttonous veggie house cat! RIP+

Amazing Cat GIF • Gluttonous veggie house cat wildly eats a bell pepper. Fast food for kitties [ok-cats.com]
“OMG, I wish I enjoyed anything as much as this cat enjoys bell peppers.”
“Cats like the sensation of their teeth sinking into fleshy stuff and ripping things apart.”
“Never seen a cat eat something so passionately, not even fish!” 👀
Cat: "it's red and it's on my plate, it must be a steak! Om Nom Nom"*
“It's  an OM NOM NOMnivore kitty!” 👍
“Starving veggie cat strikes again!”
“It's FAST food for hungry cats.”
“My last cat used to go nuts like this over...bananas!”