Funny acrocat kitten vs. expandable clothes drying rack, (catcrobatics or acrocatics?) 👀

Funny Kitten GIF • Acrocat kitten vs. expandable clothes drying rack, (catcrobatics or acrocatics) []
  “Wow, this kitty has some impressive skills!” 🐾
  “I love how he can't help but bite it a couple times as he climbs.”
  “Kitty never stops climbing, even when kitty falls, kitty gets back up.Kitty NEVER GIVES UP. Be like kitty!” 👏
  “Cats are so athletic.” 👍
  “I'm surprised that didn't topple over.”
  “Congrats to the person that designed that, it withstood an acrocat without tipping.”
  “This kitten has more core muscles than me, haha!” 😅
  “Tonight! On Amer-cat Ninja warrior!”
  “Ive gone through three of these due to my cat using it as a jungle gym! ” 😺
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