Hello sweet baby bean, you’re gorgeous, we love your lil round ears! πŸ’

Cute Kitten GIF • Cutest little ball of fur. I am having a kitten Heart Attack of CUTENESS! [ok-cats.com]
The kitty is so used to gentle hands that it closes its eyes in anticipation. πŸ’ž
“Can I please pet your fluffy little kitty.” ❤️
“I am having a kitten Heart Attack of CUTENESS!”( ^Ο‰^ )
“Cutest little ball of fur.” πŸ’‹
“awww my gawwwd the ears.” 😍
“What a precious little cutie pie.” πŸ₯° πŸ’•
“Look at the fluff! Sweet nugget.”❤️
“So cute I love the way it's ears responded.”
[Video @rexosaurus_and_coco]
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