If there's such a thing as... "Aww so cute!", this is it 💕.

Cute Kitten GIF • 2 adorable white Scottish fold kitties in human hands. Cuteness overload![ok-cats.com]
  “Ouch! It's so cute, it hurts.” 💔 I want the left one 👧”
  “There is no such thing as ... "Aww so cute!", I'll die from cuteness and it still won't be enough.”
  “Bad hair day. One on the left looks like it got run through the dryer on low heat.” 😅
  “One on the left is me in a passport photo, haha.” 🤣
  “I can't take it!”
  “This is happiness!” 🐈🐈
  “They are so unbelievably cute!” 😍 💕
  “It's illegal to be that cute, so they should be imprisoned!” 😩
  “Are teacups a real breed? I've never heard of that. Awww” 😍
[Video @sweetheartkittens]
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