Curious ginger cat meets hedgehog for the very first time and...

  Ouch! That's gonna hurt!”
  “I have done a terrible MEOWstake!” 😂
  Cat: 'Play with me spikey thing, play with me, oh sh****t I hate these quills!” 😼
  “Don't touch my quills with your soft bean toes, innocent kitty...” 😏
  “Although they’re commonly known as 'quills', technically hedgehogs have 'spines'. Both terms refer to a type of hardened hair, but 'quills' have a spongy inside compared to the hollow 'spines'. So, all 'quills' are 'spines', but not all 'spines' are 'quills'.”  😏
 “Haha! So (weird) people have hedgehogs running in their living room Hmm...?!” 😲
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