Aww, so many cute kittens, it's too much, my heart melts! 💔 😭

Cute Kitten GIF • A bunch of adorable kitties bobbing their head in sync, it's  play time..
   (Cuteness overload!)6  💓💓💓💓💓💓
  “So freakin‘ cute, 4 Scotish fold kitties.” 😻❤️ 💔
  “Can I have them all as birthay present, purrlease?” 💕💕💕
  “It looks like they all just woke up so it must be play time! 😹
  “Aaaaaaa little bisties, so adorable!”
  “So many cuties, it's too much, my heart melts!” 😭♥️
   “I want all of those precious babies.”
  “Hope they all get Loving homes and families.” ❤️
[Video @mimothekitten]
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