Hilarious VideoBomb! 🀣 Cat: “Wait Mom, there is a weird thing on the top of the wall!”

Hilarious Cat GIF • Videobomb! Kitty he needs to know what's up there and he comes back for a second look! [ok-cats.com]
“Curiosity killed the cat video.” πŸ˜† 
“Hahaha. Yep he needs to know what's up there! Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back!”
  “OMFG, give this cat an Oscar and a golden globe... I think I laughed my pancreas out.”
  “Yep, give him the cat Oscar of the Year. He knew exactly where to stand in front of the camera for maximum effect, and he nailed the facial expressions.” πŸ‘
  “I love that she for a second looked up to see what he was looking at.” 🀣
  “I wanna know! Wuss up there... Why I can't look up there?” πŸ˜‚
  “That entrance was fire "Don't look up where?”
  “Cat has purrfect comedic timing.”
  “And... he comes back for a second look!” πŸ˜…
[Video @RxCKSTxR]
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