OMG! 😱 Check out the real spider-cat in action!

Crazy Cat GIF • Check out the real spider-cat in action climbing a paper wall! []
  “Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat does whatever a Spider-Cat does. Nothing else.” 😆
  “RIP Paper Walls, sharp claws won.” 😨
  “Haha, there goes your security deposit because The claw marks on the wallpaper will be visible fer ever.” 😏
  “Yep, cat lover is an expen$ive passion!” 😍💰
  “Seriously how the f*ck is that even possible?”
  “Get down the poor wall, do you think wall paper is cheap?”
  “Hmm, that would be scary in the darkness of the night, between 3:00-4:00 AM” 😱
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