Squishing my Bengal cat face... 👩 (hard face massage)

Cute Cat GIF • Woman squishing her Bengal cat face. Look at swishy face and beautiful jade green eyes [ok-cats.com].gif
   Love your cat 'Suki', the color, the eyes, the tiger/ leopard marks make this cat unique 💛💚
  “It seems like all cats have this special look when they enjoy squishes.”
  “I do this when I give my Bengal a giant smooch 💋 on the nose.”
  “I love the squishes.” 😍
  “He becomes a VAMPURR!” 🧛
  “Look at swishy face and jade green eyes.”
  “Me when I realize I have homework at 12:PM on a Sunday night.”
  “Such pretty green eyes.”
  “I call this re-birthing.” 🤣
  “Such beautiful green eyes, you're handsome Suki.” 💕
[Video @sukiicat]
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