Magnificent cat 💕 Such a personality. A distinguished gentleman, so handsome with his red bow tie 💓

Hilarious Cat GIF • Awesome looking cat hair. Dr Seuss cat in the hat or black and white Grinch cat
  “Oooh so cute hairy 😂 love it.”
  “Your orange eyes are beautiful!” 🥰
  “Awesome looking cat.”😁
  “Dr Seuss cat in the hat.” 😍
  “Look at the way he's sitting, yes A very distinguished cat.””
  “Green hairspray will make him the Grinch.”
  “I want this little buddy!” 💓
  “The supervisor is on duty.” 👀
  “This is so my morning hair.” 🥰
  “Omg this cat is absolutely wicked looking. Beautiful.”
  “Cat version Johnny Depp.”
  “Aww the cutest face ever.” 🥰
  “He always look like he's in a wind storm.” 🌩
  “Omg this cat is awesome. he's like a cross between Albert Einstein and a cat used to get the dust bunnies from under the bed.🥰
[Video: atchoumthecat @TikTok]
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