“Angel, I think you want a catppuccino ⛾ with a shot of liquid catnip in it.” 🀣

   Hahaha those little paws with little red sneakers!
  “Angel , you're the coolest cat ever.”
  “Hey Kitty, I’ve got some delicious cupcakes, do you want one with your coffee?”
  “Such a cool and fancy bar tender you are 😹 πŸ€—
  “Hahaha cutie you are so adorable.”❤️
  “Brilliant idea, looking cute bestie.”
  “We can have cookies with your coffee 😊 Angel you are so cute I want to give you a big kiss.” πŸ€—
  “You are a true mini me and sooo cuuuute.”πŸ₯°
  “Haha i love this cat, she’s so calm! My cats would kill me if I tried...”
[Video @angelbengal]
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