OMG! 😮 Ceiling cat is back and now, it's the (kneading) security camera!!! 🙀

Crazy Cat GIF • Ceiling cat is the NEW security camera cat! So talented cat, able to make bread through the ceiling!”[]
  “Wow, so talented  cat, able to make bread 🍞 through the ceiling!”👍
  “He’s complaining about the downstairs neighbors.”
  “Ceiling cat really let himself go! Cats are MAD!”
  “Weird smoke detector.” 😱
  “Two in one: Ceiling biscuits + Air biscuits!!!”  😅
  “Omg the little paws kneading the air.”
  “How, that crazy kitty can make bread 🥖 in mid-air.” 🍞
  “He’s just showing his hoomans how to make 🍪 biscuits properly”
  “Surveillance Cat a.k.a. Chief security.” 👮
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