Georgous 'Bailley Belle': just a cute and fun workout! 3...2...1... Go! 😍

Cute Cat GIF • Beautiful brown mask on blue eyes and cute lil pink tongue, 'Bailey' the Ragdoll is the purrfection! []
  Beautiful brown Ragdoll mask on blue eyes and cute lil nose & pink tongue: well she is the purrfection! 👌💛💙
  “How gorgeous she looks in your videos!” 💕
  “One of the Most BEAUTIFUL cat on the Internet, such a beauty.” 💞
  “Wow, she is just stunning.” 😚
  “Awwwww cuteness overload.” 🌹
  “And... POUNCE with her wings (because she is an angel)” 👼
  “Such a sweetie.” 😻 💕
  “OMG, she is such an exquisite kitty!” 💋
[Video @aileyragdoll]
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