Funny pouncing ginger kitten trying hard to catch his πŸ¦‹ butterlfy toy!

Funny Kitten GIF • Cute poucing ginger kitten trying hard to catch his butterlfy toy! []
Wow, such a super Fast & Purrious kitty πŸ‘€
“In case you are still in need of cute cat content.” 😻
“Get back here you flying caterpillar!”
“Super playful ginger! Never give up baby, you must catch it!”
“My cats love that damn toy. Glad the make cheap replacement butterflies.” πŸ€—
“We gotta get one of these for our kittens.” πŸ‘Œ
“That's a great toy for kitties.” 😻
“I got one of those, my cat destroyed it in 10 seconds: little monster!”
“Our house panthers love this toy!”  😸
[Video  @olivee_yaa]
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