💕 Awwdorable and gorgeous fluffy Persian kitten! 💕

Cute Kitten GIF • Adorable and gorgeous fluffy Persian kitten. So  cute and innocent [ok-cats.com]
 “I want this kitten so much She's a beauty I love her!” 🥰
  “Oh my goodness, the cuteness! Beautiful fur colors” 😍
  “I would never leave my house or get any work done if this was my kitten!”
  “ I want this precious angel so much 💞. Absolutely precious.”
  “I wish I can give this cutie attention, she is so smol, sweet and cute, I want to just pet her and cuddle her...” ❤️🐈
  “😍 I love this little angel. Those eyes...”  
  “I am so excited about how cute this fluff baby is! 💜
  “That face! Too precious!” 💝
  “Oh truly some of the most beautiful kitty I’ve ever seen.” 💕
  “Exquisitely floofy tiny kitty ... She's so pretty.” 💓
[Video @christypawpersians]
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