When your kitten found the purrfect spot to supervise your homework! 😻

Funny Cat GIF • When your kitten found the purfect spot to supervise your home work: human's head
  “Funny AND cute => snuzzy kitty!” 😗
  “With 2 brains, you must be incredibly clever, hahaha!” 😅
  “Very relaxed and flexible kitty.”
  “Well that's better than my cats always siting or lying on my keyboard.” 👱
  “OMG at first I thought it was a hat she was wearing or had a toy on her head.”
  “And took me 10 seconds to notice this adorable funny floof.”😆
  “So cute...kitty is very fuzzy too.” 😂
  “Hmm a warm hat for summer, but purrfect for winter, hehe.”👍
[Video @花来米办公室日常]
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