God bless you for rescuing this wet kitty lost on a road under falling rain...

Cute Cat GIF • God bless you for rescuing and adopting this sweet little kitty lost on a road under rain... ok-cats.com]
  “I'm a man who loves 💕 cats. I rarely cry but this video did 😭 Kittens are so innocent, precious and fragile.” 💔
  “Great person adopting a motherless kitty.” 💗
  “The little one would probably have died there within the next 24 hours if no one had taken her. Cats really only want three things. A dry and warm place to sleep, healthy food, and true human love.”
  “Thank you for saving his lil soul and not leaving him fighting for his life under falling rain and water...” 💛
  “Poor 🐈 kitty she needed a home and a warm bed and food & family to Love. DONE!” 💕
  “Thanks to this angel for saving precious baby cat.” 😍
  “How can some one leave this desperate wet cutie in road  under falling rain. I hate those people” 😬
  “May the Lord Jesus bless you 💜 for letting this beautiful cat in your life.” 😺
  “Luckily you were there ❤️ Thank you, I would have done the same, you are a hero.”👏
  “Thank you so much for taking care of this cute baby cat and adopt her.” 🙏
  “Glad she got a good human family”🥲
  “Thank you 💋 for caring for this lost wet baby 😿 You are a beautiful human being.” 💖
[Video: @刚子]
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