/!\ MUST SEE /!\ 👀 Smart, brave, agile and fearless Kitten!!! 👏 😍 👏

Amazing  Kitten GIF • Smart, brave, agile and fearless Kitten climbs pole and jumps on trampoline!! [ok-cats.com]
“😍 Extraordinary! The reflection of this intrepid little boy wanting to do something right in front of his mom! 💕 and super well aim for the center of the trampoline! Unbelievable!” 👀
“💓 OMG! 💓 How did the li’l kitten know to jump onto the center of the trampoline?” 👏💞
  “Perfect bounce too. Right in the middle of the bouncy!” 👍
  “In front of his mother's look who watches him with pride and integrity. Just like every mother.” 🤗
  “His BIG belly when he jumps, so cute.” 💞
  “No hesitation. He got to the spot, did the math, and jumped. WEEEE!” 😸
  “Looks like that amazing kitty has done this before, and enjoys it! 😉 What a little acrobat!”
  “Yes, I was also impressed. I've had cats since I was a child, and I've noticed that up to 3 months cats are afraid of...  heights.“
[Video @smart_cats.tv]
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