Miri, MARU & Hana: funny & cute cat family, hanging out in their catmazon boxes 😻

Funny Cat GIF • Miri, MARU & Hana (funny & cute cat family) hanging out  in their amazon boxes [ok-cats.com]
  “And - of course - Maru will squash himself into the smallest  box, no matter how tiny.”  😆 💋
  “I love seeing Maru, Hana, and Miri in the three boxes of the same size!  😸 😻 😺
  “Thank you for saving these boxes so each of our celebrity kitties has perfect spots.” 👍
  “Three boxes... three beautiful feline faces. Though I love the moment in the beginning when Miri realizes he's being watched...the look on her face is too cute.” 💕
  “This is the sweetest, cutest of the three in boxes!.” 😻 😻 😻
  “Hana and Miri just wanted to be close to the Boss, Maru. Love you all!.” 💗💗💗
  “Seeing the three all together in their boxes is supercute: such a happy cat family.” 😍
  “Maru: 'I am the king'. Everybody wants to be like the king. It’s such a great responsibility.” 😎
  “So, from this GIF,  we can conclude that Maru is big (OK, he just have a big head), young Miri is smaller and Hana is in-between, but closer to Maru in size than to Miri. Am I right, hehe” 😋
[Video: mugumogu @YouTube]
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