When your cats 🐱🐱🐱 are your babies! Cute cat family trip in stroller 💟💟💟

Amazing Cat GIF • When your cats are your babies. Cute cat family trip [ok-cats.com]
“Three beautiful kids hanging out! They need to go out and look at the people, the streets, the pigeons. They need to live a little and they found some loving human parents to take them for a walk in the city.” 👏 😍 ❤️
“Three adorable and cool Scottish fold  cuties.” 😍 💓
“So sweet sitting there, enjoying the outdoors again.” 👍
“Hmm... This is going to be me in a few years, hehe.” 👧
“Aaah this is so cute I'm gonna die! Your 3 cats are the cutest and coolest of all.” 😊
[Video @yayoi89]
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