Amazing 'Pixel' the cat! He looks like a Gremlin, a vampurr, a PokΓ©mon, an anime character or a bat! πŸ‘€

Amazing Cat GIF • 'Pixel' the cat looks like a Gremlin, a vampurr, a PokΓ©mon, a cartoon, an anime character or a bat! []
Owner: “There has been a fly in here for 3 days. So far, no one has caught it.” πŸ˜‚
“Your cat 'Pixel' is so epic. I wouldn't be able to handle how adorable and alien-like this baby is.”
“Cat breaking the rules, he is so cute and funny at the same time.” πŸ’“ 😁
“Ooohh! Love that grin, 'Pixel'! Good luck with that dang fly-ours spend long periods of time hunting those pesky creatures!” πŸͺ°
“Omg that face 😍 Why is he so cute and mischievous looking?!”  ❤️
“Such a great fur Gremlin pose.”
“Funny and soft eye blinking.”😌
“Purrfect Bat cat.”  πŸ¦‡
“He looks like that one vampurr from adventure time.”
“I need him in my life, Ugh sooo cuuuute!!!” πŸ’ž
“I love this cat, he my favorite kitty on the Internet.”  πŸ˜‚
“Is your cat a vampurr? Catpire? Count Purrcula?” πŸ§›
“Scrunkly beetle juice kitty.”
“That is some real gremlin energy! Love it.” πŸ’œ
“He kinda looks like 'Nandor the relentless'!”
“Hybrid Vampire + Puddycat =>  Vamppuddy or Vampcat” πŸ˜‚
[Video @pixelandsophie]
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