OMG!!! 😱 Big fluffy cat proves she is liquid 💧 (There is no place where kitties will not get in!)

Amazing Cat GIF • OMG, Big fluffy cat proves he is liquid! Purrfect Hide and seek []
Funny 'Peek-a-boo' at the end. She looks very proud 😺
“OMG? How DID she get out!” 😱💧
“Wow! Now how do I get outta this narrow vase❓”
“Don't worry, if she got in, she can get out, hehe!” 👍
“Get in ◄|► Get out... simple as that.” 😇
“Purrfect Hide and seek.” 😁
“So beautiful cat and what a flexibility.” 👏
“Well, cats are simply the best.” 💕
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