OMG! 😱 Huge nap attack 💥 and then, coma nap! 💤💤

Dramatic Cat GIF • OMG, huge nap attack and then, coma nap! Don't try to understand []
“Owner: “Wow well this blew up! Just so everyone knows: he is healthy and has been checked at the vet a few times. No seizures, no narcolepsy. He's a big doofus. That was just one of the many things he does that i just cant explain.” 👀
“Because cat! That's why...” 😸
“cat.exe has wildly crashed.” 💥
“He's gonna have no idea why his nose is so sore when he wakes up, haha.” 😆
“My cat does this on my laptop. It makes me laugh, and gives me the warm fuzzies because it means he trusts me implicitly.” 💕
“Looks like a sniper shot him!” 💥
“Wow, very heavy sleeper.” 😱
“Was an invisible gun used by ghosts?” 👻
“My cat does this. He had the unfortunate experience of falling of a couch a few times. Woke up very confused.” 🙀
“Are you aware that your cat’s neck is a slinky?” 😜
“When your Mom tells you to unload the dishwasher for the 25th time!” 😂
[Video: Darth_Revans_Fart]
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