Haha, cat haters gonna hate! 🀣 Cat knocking cat food cans over: “Expired! Expired! All that sh*t expired!” 😼

Funny Cat GIF • Bodega manager knocking cat food cans over: “Expired, expired, expired, all expired!” [ok-cats.com]
He’s just reorganizing the store, prioritizing his favorite product πŸ˜†
“Bodega manager not happy with the inventory.” 😾
“NOT Employee of the month. 😠 TRUMP: 'You're fired!'” πŸ˜‚
“Merchandising consultant reporting for duty.”
“Nah he’s just doing inventory and getting rid of the expired stuff.” 😊
“I think he’s knocking them over in hopes that one of the cans cracks open so he can eat it, hehe.”
“I mean he is right. The cat food does not belong next to the cleaning supplies.”
“He seems to be the shop owner... so he's acting calm.”
“He said get this low budget cat food outtta here.” πŸ˜‚
“It’s his lunch break! Someone with opposable thumbs needs to feed him!”✋
“Manager said product placement is wrong, do it again!”
“That's not what he ordered. Obviously he's pissed at whoever did the orders this time.”
“He needed space to lay down πŸ˜‚ yall should've thought about his lil nap place 😒then yall wouldn't have to see that.”
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