Cats have magic powers! πŸ’₯ With nose boops you can turn on/off your lamps! πŸ’‘

Amazing Cat GIF • Catricity or electrikitty He’s pawsitively charged like an electric TESLA!
“Every living being has a low amount of πŸ’₯ electricity that passes through their body from their brain. It is those impulses that allow us to function. Touch lamps are built based on this concept. When you touch your cat and they are touching the lamp, you are essentially completing a very low-watt circuit.”
“Nope, It's an electric TESLA cat!”  πŸ‘
“That kitty is like “yes boop my nose and marvel at my glory!” 😸
“Not a conduit for electricity but a catuit”
“Hi there, electrical engineer here! So to simply explain this phenomenon the cat literally has the power of the gods in him and is master of all electric.” πŸ’«
“Your cat became a touch lamp operated by nose boops. Congrats!” πŸ›‹
“Catricity πŸ’₯ Electrikitty.”
“If you buy such an ugly lamp, is the electrical cat included? πŸ˜…
“Electricity gets conducted from the snoot all the way to the toe beans.
OMG I never thought I'd see this on video! My cat did this when I was young and he would always curl up beside it and one night I booped his nose like always, and my lamp turned on. It became a thing. We just didn't have video recorders...”  😒
“He’s paws-itively charged.” πŸ˜‚
“The snoot conducts an electric current to the rear toe bean, which you can see is contacting the metal base of the lamp.” πŸ’‘
[Video: slimwhitt92EO @TikTok]
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