Epic purrsuit, 2 Ninja cats climb a tall tree like squirrels 🐈‍⬛ 🐈

Crazy Cat GIF • Epic purrsuit, 2 Ninja cats climbing tall tree like squirrels. Must call a fireman!
Follow me if you can! • Yes I Can, fear me!”  😾
“Wow!  Incredible how FAST they climb, at least 5 or more meters in 3 sec. 😮!!!
“After that fun race they don't know how to get down by themselves. Have to be called a fireman.”  😂
“Short peak. Then how come down now. Good luck guys!” 🤣
“Wild Purrkour training.” 😆
“So fast and purrious!” 💨
2“Okay, so cats are monkeys! 🐒 (and squirrels) 
[Video @你食不食油饼]
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