Best bookstore ever for cat lovers ❤️ but... BEWARE! FALLING CATS! 🤣

Amazing Cat GIF • Best bookstore ever for cat lovers❤️BEWARE! FALLING CATS! []
Very cool bookstore!  Great for any book lover and cat lover. 😍 🐈🐈🐈
“Would be in that bookstore all day.” 👧
“Love it. Imagine arriving at the emergency room. 'Umm well a A fluffy furball fell on my head.'” 😂
“New sign: Beware of flying hairballs!”
“This is heaven, there are books and cats at the same time.” 😃
“At first, 'Puss in boots', and now 'Puss in Books', hahaha!” 🤣
“I can spent three hours at the least in Barnes & Noble’s. The time that I can spend in this store => forever!” 💖💗💓 😍
“Only for for eduCATed people”‼️😽
“Imagine how many books they have to pick up.” 😂
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