The loving kid 😍 and her beloved kitten 😻 That sweet kiss 💋

Cute Kitten GIF • The loving kid and her beloved kitten. Aww that sweet kiss 🐱🥹 []
Our wild World needs more of this cute ❤️ innocence.”
“Awww, she's having a tea party. You don't see this very much anymore.” 🍵
“Only in the lovingly designed environment you can already see how this child is growing up. She passes on that love and caring 💗 She's exploring her imagination and tending to her sweet kitten.”   
“She’s so gentle and sweet!” 🥹
“The cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.” 😍
“The sweetest relationship between a loving kid and her cute kitty.”🥰 🐱 🫶
“What could be more sweet and cute? Nothing!” 😍
[Video @ksenia_belanger]
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