The funniest sliding cat? ► Maru! (in boxes of course) 😍

Amazing GIF • Funny sliding cat Maru (in boxes of course) this is Legend! 😹
Oh Maru, this is Legend! 😹
“Yep, you are the best box slider cat ever, Maru.” ❤️
“My first introduction to Maru in High School all those years ago.”❤️
“You always make us smile Maru! Love you .” 💕
“I remember these! It's when I fell in love with Maru, many years ago.” ❤️
“The double box slider.” 😍
 “I loved 'under the sofa' Maru.”
 “Miss this!! Classic Maru 😊 it’s what got me following Maru more than 10 years ago ❤️love him soooo much.”
“Feet are so cute after they put in.” 🥰
“Maru-san is not provided with collision prevention system assist.” 😆
[Video @maruhanamogu]
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