Maru-o'-lantern 🎃 whishes you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 😽

Halloween Cat GIF • Maru-o'-lantern whishes you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! []
Thank you beloved Maru, Happy Halloween for you too 🥰 🎃
“Maru-o'-lantern is so cute! And his little wink with tougue out at the end is priceless!” 💛
“Round pumpkins fit well to round Maru! The most lovely and wacky "monster" of Halloween!” 🎃 😸 ❤
“Maru-o'-lantern looked pretty cozy in there!”
“The Maru-o'-lantern is scary-cute! Happy Halloween!” 🙀
“Thank you so much Maru o' lantern. Furrific entertainer!” 😅
“Halloween lantern 🎃 is cute but become more cute because of cute Maru.” 💕
“Maru, it's hard to be spooky when you're so dang adorable, we love you ❤ Happy Halloween!”
 🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 
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