Poor kitty 😰 why are you so SAD? Don't cry 😿 we love you πŸ’ž

Cute Cat GIF • Poor kitty, why are you so SAD? Don't cry, we love you [ok-cats.com]
Such sad eyes asking for your help. 'Please help me hoomans...'😿
“Her soul is in eternal suffering.”πŸ˜’
“Old sad eyes are too cute, and that little meow.” πŸ’›
“This is me when you tell me you're leaving for one week again!”
“I wish I could hug you and tell you it's going to be OK, we Love you.” ❤️
“I'm a vet, this cat is close to menopause. They should not disturb her...” πŸ’₯
“What immense sadness, it breaks my heart.” πŸ’”
“I love so much this cat ❤️ She looks like my poor husband every Monday morning.”
“I'm sure she's sick, and may be she says: 'Please finish me, I have 8 lives more!” 😿
“HaHa, you're wrong! SHE is NOT SAD, she looks sad, but that’s just his normal face, even when she's happy.  There are also humans with a sad face like this, isn't it?”
“Yep, she is not sad, her face shows like this but don't worry.” 😬
“Happy end! Kitty is not in pain or depressed that's her face.” πŸ˜†
“Cutest cat on the planet. And to all the people who think she is in pain or sad or depressed: she  was born with sad looking eyes. It is a happy sweet kitty and her owner (and The Social Medias) adore her.” πŸ˜ƒ πŸ’•
[Video @catomanic]
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