Hilarious cat reaction! NO fight! Just peace and friendship under the sun 🌞 hahahahaha! 🀣

Hilarious Cat GIF • Ameozing cat reaction! No fight! Just peace and friendship, hahaha! [ok-cats.com]
Purrfect happy end: PEACE is always an option...😺 πŸ’• 😺
“He was really like 'Bro, I didn’t know you were chill like that'
“Hey don't worry, I'm here for the sun 🌞 not looking for a fight" • "OK, It's all good, Bro!"
“Hilarious cat-like reflexes.” πŸ”„
“Haha, how fast they switch sync and off and on, cats are so amazing and fast” πŸ˜‚
“Best friend request: accepted!” 😺
“Like rolling stones CATs.” 😊
“Sunbathing time first 🌞 fight time later πŸ’£”
“That's the equivalent of crouching in a game to let them know you're friendly.”
“Too much good sun for violence.” πŸ˜‹
“Abort! Abort! He's your Bro, you need glasses!”  πŸ˜†
“Let’s just lay down and pretend that nothing happened,hehe.” 😸
“Cats are so cute I swear! Let's all learn from them and roll on the dirt to settle rivalries.” ☺️πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“
“3 seconds >> The shortest cat conflict in history.” πŸ‘©
“It's how when to put the "shift" on Minecraft to do the peace gesture
“HALT! Oh, you’re chill? Me too!” 😍
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