Kitty 😽 & bunny 🐰 >> Ultimate duo, so much sweetness and tenderness 💕

Cute Cat GIF • Kitty and bunny, ultimate duo, so much sweetness and tenderness []
“If not for the ears 🐰 in some angles I can't tell one from the other.” 😮
“This bunny and kitty pets.” 😍
“C'mon bunny it's bath time.”  👅
“We miss each other and I don't want to leave them at all times.”
“The wildlife is amazing. I love this cat-rabbit couple.” 😻
“More than friends, they're brothers 💖 Brothers from a different mother.”
“Yep, they're like little brothers but different species.“ 💕
❤️ “Amazing the similarity in their white and blue fur.”
“Like siblings, so sweet.” 😍
[Video @胡图图和奥利奥]
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