Clever blue cat plays Meowjong with his hooman and WiNS! 😹

Amazing Cat GIF • Clever blue cat plays MeowJong with his hooman and WiNS! []
The Mahjong master in action 😍
“Wow oh my goodness what a smart cat.” ❤️
“Cat plays a mean game of Mahjong!” 👍
“Why do think cat's 😸 are so smart!! They enjoy playing games with their humans and they understand how to play.”
“Damn I need a cat like that.” 👀
“The god of cat gamblers.” 💰
“This cat has a cooler style than me.” 😮
“Well done handsome boy.” 😍
“They are smart but they prefer laziness (like my wife) 😂
[Video @睡袋猫毛毛]
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