Funny compost cat brings leaves 🍂🍂🍂🍂 to her humans (helpful kitty)

Funny Cat GIF • Compost cat brings leaves to her humans (leaf her alone, she's doing her best) []
“Proud hunter: "I killed every one of these leaves just for you!" đŸ˜ș
“Cat might be thinking 'Build a cozy nest and the birds will come to me...'." 🐩 🐩v
“This is hilarious. My cat does this but she brings a single leaf at a time.” 👍
“Maybe your cat do this because she observed you raking and collecting leaves, and she wants to help you. So good girl!” 💕
“No time to explain. Grab a rake and come with me!” đŸ˜Œ
 “Those kinds of leaves have a lot of tannins in them so it might be the cat is attracted to the smell of them.” đŸœ
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