When suddenly... your majestic Oriental cat becomes a catgaroo 🦘

Amazing Cat GIF • When suddenly your majestic Oriental cat becomes a kangaroo [ok-cats.com]
“Your beautiful Oriental cat is so amazing! 😍 Kind, flexible, graceful, classy! I love 💕 especially this breed of cats, a little mysterious and giddy. He looks calm and dignified, pensive! With all my admiration.”
“Such an incredibly beautiful cat. And yet, they always do goofy things. I adore cats and this is one of  the prettiest cat breed.”💕
“When he forgot that he is a cat and he becomes a giant Meerkat.” 😂
“I like Oriental ( 🦘 kangaroo) cats very much.”  👧
“This is how you wait for pizzas and burritos to come to your door.” 👀
“Huge cat 😮 how can it be so tall.”
“What balance and elegance!” 👌
“WOW! What a tall cat! I Love his chocolate color!” 💛 🐈
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