Proof No. 8 that working from home with cats 😸 is an impurrssible mission!

Funny Cat GIF • Proof #8 that working from home with cat(s) or kitten(s) is an impurrssible mission! []
Wow! Your kitty looks so happy 😽 to be with you when you're working from home. And he's having so much fun.” 😻 πŸ’ž
“Ma! Let me help you! Oops, the floor is slippery today!” 😹
“This happens to me too. My cat lets me do some work, and then he sits on the machine! Game over.” 😁
“OK, now we know who owns you.” 😏 πŸ˜‚
“FAST and PURRious kitty!” πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
“Don't give up , try again and again and again... until it's cat naptime.” πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
“BOOO! Fear me, I'm a green ghost!” πŸ‘»
“Please, don't disturb your athletic cat when he is doing his daily PURRkour!” 😁
“So happy kitty, he's just trying to help a cat way!” πŸ’–
“I also have this 'misery' and I have .. 5 cats, haha!” πŸ˜‚
“That's why I love cats.” πŸ’— 😍
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