When you thought that a Xmas 🎄 tree hanging from the ceiling was the purrfect solution vs. your cat! 🤣

Xmas Cat GIF • When you believe that a Xmas tree hanging from the ceiling is the purrfect solution vs. your cat! [ok-cats.com]
“Haha! Are you kidding me, hoomans?  😹 Challenge accepted. Take it innocent people! Weeeeee!” 😻
“I love it! He knew it had to be done! 10/10” 👍
"WHAT? My good humans put a Xmas pendulum for me to have fun" 👍
“Wonder why they like it? Mine be like that too.” 😂
“Because cats, that's why!” 😸 😺 😽 🎄
“They do it on purpose How do you kitty not to succumb to temptation?” 😂
“I'm going to be two years that I don't put up a tree, it's a waste of time, because after ready my 'Romeo' finishes everything. Destroys ornaments, entangles with lights, and climbs the tree until its branches fall.Little monster!!” 😢
With 7 kitties, my recommendation with all my experience is a vinyl in the shape of a tree stuck on the wall, and I do not assure you 100% survival.” 🤣
“You're right, cats will be cats!” 🐈 💕 🐈‍⬛          

“I came in like a wrecking ball!” 🎄
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