Instant Karma! Clumsy cat knocks down Xmas 🎄 tree and... gets stuck under it! 🤣

Christmas Cat GIF • Instant Karma! Clumsy cat knocks dwn Xmas tree and gets stuck under it ! []
“Cat lovers must admit that cat(s) knocking over the Xmas tree is part of Christmas” 😂 💕 😹
“And we must admit that cats 😸 are part of Christmas 🎄 trees”
“Wait for it! Evidence of your tree is not gonna survive.” 🤣
“I think they enjoy Christmas trees more than us.” 👍 😻
“At the end, we can see one ear emerging from the tree.“ 😊
“Ouch! 😿 Sorry humans, I'm so clumsy, I thought it was my job to give you a Christmas heads up.” 🤣
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