Crazy cat thinks that he can climb the Xmas tree like a Himalayan meowntain! 😱

“Is that Xmas tree laced with catnip and tuna drippings? Holy cow his totally going bonkers!” 🤣
“This why we had to tie a rope around the top of the Tree and attach it to the Ceiling! Too many cats play spider cat!” 😏
“HaHa, this super playful 😂 kitty kat is having a great time.”
“God damn, what a mess, Its like they sprayed catnip over it.” 😂
“Madness overload.” 😱
“Hmm... The struggle is real!” 💢
“So it’s no longer The Grinch, it’s now The Minch.”
[Video: phobos94 @TikTok] 
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