MEOWY CATMAS! Santa Claus kitties 🎅 are here at your front door with many beautiful presents 🎁 🎁 🎁 in their red bags...

Santa Cat GIF • OMG, Santa Claus kitties are there at your front door with their many beautiful presents in ther bags []
“They Are sooo cuuute 💗💗💗 I'd like to kiss them all.” 💋
“Handsome kittens are giving out presents 🎁 Well done and thank you, don't forget the poor feral cats...” 💝
“You won't be alone this Christmas night.” 🎅
“One prettier than another, adorable little guys.” 😍
“Haha, the blue flip flops 😂 Santa paws, your shoes are so funny but don't catch a cold.” 💙
[AI pictures created by kimbingmei]
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